RITI® rhumato
a déjà parcouru un long chemin
et sa commercialisation est proche !

Start of R&D
of the RITI® RA test
Creation of the company MyXpression
Young innovative company responsible for the project and development of the RITI® RA test
RITI® RA obtains
CE marking
and meets European requirements
Start of clinical trial
A clinical trial in progress
within 10 French investigating centers
soon on sale
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When the RITI® RA test is marketed, a doctor/patient interface will be made available to you so that you can manage your patients' prescriptions and test results.

To have the RITI® rheumatoid test, you will need to make a request to your rheumatologist who wishes to prescribe biotherapy. You can present the RITI® RA solution to them by downloading the document “talk to my rheumatologist”

It is not recommended to obtain the RITI® RA test without first discussing it with your referring rheumatologist; Indeed, only he is authorized to prescribe a biotherapy and therefore to choose whether or not to use the results of your test to make his choice.