mYXpression targets your biotherapy

The RITI® RA test targets your biotherapy

Targeted biotherapy considerably increases the chances of achieving lasting remission (DAS28 <2.6). Thanks to RITI® RA, identify precisely the one that suits you.

Rheumatoid arthritis:
the aim is sustainable remission

Biotherapies have revolutionised the therapeutic care of rheumatoid arthritis. These new-generation treatments are very effective and have led to 2 conclusions:

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    A targeted biotherapysignificantly increases the chances of achieving lasting remission (DAS28 <2.6).

  • icone - Choix de prescription

    To date, rheumatologists only have a few elements to help them choose what to prescribe.

RITI® RA identifies the biotherapy that is most suited to you, thereby optimising your therapeutic journey.

How does it work?

Chat with your doctor about it

Chat with your doctor about it

Your doctor has referred you to the RITI® rheumatoid test

Billion of calculations

Billion of calculations

Our algorithms are performing billion of calculations to determine the most suitable biotherapy for you and create a customized report

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Your biotherapy is targeted

Your biotherapy is targeted

Your doctor receives your personalized report indicating which is the most efficient biotherapy. Talk to her/him about the best treatment options available to you.

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Your rheumatologist adviced you about the RITI® RA test

Your rheumatologist adviced you about the RITI® RA test

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My rheumatologist adviced me about the RITI® RA test

My doctor told me about the Test.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the RITI® RA test an option for me?

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RITI® RA is an option for you as soon as your GP diagnoses your rheumatoid arthritis and makes his/her own decision to prescribe a biotherapy.

Two scenarios:

• First initial prescription from your doctor

  • you are a virgin of biotherapy

• You have already had biotherapy prescribed by your doctor BUT

  • no decrease in symptoms (primary failure)
  • a reduction in the symptoms felt then more effect with an increase in symptoms (secondary escape)

The innovative Test offered by mYXpression allows your doctor to have an additional element at his disposal to assist him in his therapeutic choice.

How is my data managed?

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Your personal report is generated, stored, and secured within a Health Data Host (HDS).

Talk to your rheumatologist

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Your rheumatologist plays a key role in defining your therapeutic path.

In order to present RITI® RA, we kindly invite you to download the information brochure.

Do you have questions?Contact us.


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