RITI® RA, a test to help prescribe the most optimal biological therapy based on the patient’s biology

The therapeutic management of rheumatoid arthritis is adapted to each individual according to the level of severity of the disease, the drug’s effectiveness and the way it is tolerated.

10 biological therapys are currently available for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Which biological therapy for my patient?

Among the existing biological drugs, there is currently no tool to help physicians rationalize their choice of prescription. The RITI® RA test allows rheumatologists to obtain informations to optimize their prescriptions when they decide to refer their patients to a biological therapy.

RITI® RA, the test that optimizes the prescription of biological drugs

The RITI® RA test gives the physician and patient access to a personalized report. This report contains precise biological information and establishes an efficacy score for each biological therapy with regards to the patient's immunological dysregulation.

To establish the personal and scientific report, the RITI® RA test takes into consideration the individual variability of gene expression, the environment and the lifestyle of the patient.

RITI® RA offers new perspectives in the care pathway of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and allows physicians to guide their patients towards the best therapeutic choice.

The RITI® RA test objectifs

    • Rationalize the act of prescribing biological therapys
    • Put the disease into remission
    • Optimize the medico-economic aspect by controlling costs
    • Avoid prescribing inappropriate biological drugs with serious side effects

    How does the RITI® RA test establish an efficacy score for each biotherapy?

    The mRNA sequencing of the patient's blood sample will allow us to identify the biomarkers responsible for the deregulation and to establish his mRNA signature. This signature is then compared with our database of efficacy profiles. The dedicated algorithm will then perform billions of calculations to determine, biological therapy by biological therapy their efficacy score for the patient.

    The rheumatologist writes a prescription for a blood sample on PAXgene TM Blood RNA.

    2. RNAmessenger sequencing
    The genomic platform receives the patient's blood sample and proceeds with its sequencing.

    3. Analyses and calculations

    Bioinformatics, AI, and massive computations start a long research work.

    4. The report is edited
    The physician is informed of the availability of his patient's personal report following the RITI® RA test. He contacts the patient to discuss the matter.

    Targeted biological therapies in the patient’s personal report ( covering 85% of the prescription market)