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The RITI® RA and the personal report.

Which patients are concerned by this Test?

Two specific cases:

• Your patient has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and it is currently in therapeutic failure.

• Your patient has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and you plan to prescribe a biotherapy

How do I get RITI® RA for a patient?

Why does the patient need to take a blood sample?

The blood sample will be used to sequence the patient's messenger RNA and identify biomarkers responsible for dysregulation, establishing its messenger RNA signature. This signature is then compared to our database of efficacy profiles. The dedicated algorithm will perform billions of calculations to determine, therapy by therapy, their effectiveness score for the patient.

How is the blood sample taken?

To undergo a blood sample, the patient, upon the doctor's prescription, must go to a laboratory for the blood collection.

What is the personal report?

mYXpression offers a test called RITI® RA, providing access to a personal report indicating the biotherapy most appropriate to the biological profile of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. Through the report, the rheumatologist finds all the scientific information about his patient. He can thus prescribe, in all objectivity and serenity, the biotherapy that most resembles him and that will be the most efficient.

How can I order a RITI® RA test?

The RITI® RA test will be available for purchase in the coming months. To be notified of its availability, we invite you to send us an email at

Expertise mYXpression

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine is based on a principle related to meaning: «The right treatment, at the right time, for the right patient».

This medical approach involves considering an individual’s unique biological profile in order to prescribe a targeted and adapted treatment. However, the implementation of precision medicine is extremely complex and requires significant resources in advanced technologies.

Taking into account the individual variability of genes, the environment and the lifestyle of each person, personalized medicine offers extraordinary prospects for improving a patient’s therapeutic path.

What is a biotherapy?

Composed of molecules made from living organisms, biotherapies are a new generation of drugs that precisely act on the mechanisms of inflammation.

Biotherapy is a targeted therapy used in background treatment and is proposed by the rheumatologist according to the evolution of rheumatoid arthritis.

To date, there are a dozen biotherapies grouped into five therapeutic classes to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The most used class is Anti-TNF alpha and others are now part of the therapeutic arsenal.

Why target biotherapy?

In order to optimize the efficiency of these revolutionary treatments, it is necessary to target the biotherapy that is most adapted to the biological profile of the patient.

The fate of symptoms and the course of the pathology depends on the choice of treatment.

Indeed, the more biotherapy prescribed corresponds to immunological deregulation, the greater the prospects of remission.

Why sequence RNA?

As a reminder:

RNA is a molecule formed by the expression of certain genes in your DNA.

There are several types of RNA, but the one carrying the biological information we sequence is your messenger RNA.

Consider messenger RNA as a very specific and ephemeral 'recipe' in cooking terms.

'This recipe' enables the production in large quantities of pro-inflammatory cells responsible for your symptoms.

Messenger RNA is thus a very precise and unique biological indicator of the mechanisms at play in relation to the pathology.

During sequencing, we will quantify the 'ingredients' used by the patient's body to manufacture these pro-inflammatory cells.

The blood sample sequenced by mYXprεssion contains the patient's unique 'personal multi-genomic signature,' which will be compared to our extensive database related to rheumatoid arthritis.

How was the base of mYXpression profiles built?

mYXpression has identified the most relevant clinical studies concerning rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks to the mYXpression technology, these studies have been extensively analyzed, processed by machine learning in order to extract the quintessence and transform them into high-value information.

From this work was born a unique database containing elements of immune deregulation specific to rheumatoid arthritis, and enriched with information specific to existing biotherapies.

This database is one of the bases of the mYXpression Rheumatoid technology. It is exploited in order to be confronted with the biological information of the patient with rheumatoid arthritis allowing to establish the efficacy score for each biotherapy.

Does the mYXpression database incorporate environmental and genetic factors?

All the genomic data used in the technology came from hundreds of international clinical studies. The established database of mYXpression rheumatoid is consistent and multi-continental, which is one of the elements allowing to affirm the robustness of the whole.

What is an efficiency score?

The algorithm of mYXpression is capable of providing, for each biotherapy, an efficacy score for the patient.

For each biotherapy, the technology establishes, on a scale from -1 to +1, the degree of efficiency of a given biotherapy for a specific patient. The closer the efficacy score of the biotherapy is to 1, the more positively the patient is expected to respond to it. Conversely, the further it is from 1, the less responsive the patient is anticipated to be.

How is the patient's efficacy score obtained for each biotherapy?

After the patient's RNA sequencing, their RNA signature is established. This signature is transmitted to our computers and will be compared to the database.

The dedicated algorithm performs billions of calculations and determines, therapy by therapy, the efficacy score for the patient.

Do you have clinical data regarding the RITI® RA test?

In order to enable rheumatologists to understand our technology and reassure them about the utility of the RITI® RA test, a clinical trial is underway. This trial will, in a few months, provide physicians with clinical evidence regarding the reliability of the test results.

Data processing

Are the data secure?

At mYXprεssion, we ensure the respect of your privacy and the security of your digital data in compliance with the GDPR regulations of May 25, 2018. Your personal report is generated, stored, and secured within a Healthcare Data Host (HDS).

The role of mYXpression

Can mYXpression establish a diagnosis?

In no case can mYXpression establish a diagnosis. mYXpression is not intended to replace the doctor, and nothing can substitute for a clinical examination and direct dialogue.

If the patient identifies signs and symptoms associated with the condition, we encourage them to contact a rheumatologist, who, after a series of tests, can establish an accurate diagnosis.

Can mYXpression prescribe a biologic therapy for me?

mYXpression offers a therapeutic guidance tool to identify the biotherapy best suited to a patient’s biological profile. Under no circumstances can mYXpression prescribe biotherapy. Only the rheumatologist makes the choice whether to prescribe biotherapy to his patient based on the medical and scientific information available to him.