The history of mYXpression

The history of mYXpression is linked to that of a meeting between the 2 founders, Jean-François Prugnot and Jean-François Robineau. 

They were both working in the pharmaceutical industry in their own respective fields: Jean-François Robineau was working on mathematical research and development on companion diagnostic tests in oncology and Jean-François Prugnot was involved in business management and marketing. They both loved their respective professions, because they were part of the industry of life, which relieves suffering and leads to the hope of better days to come.

They had a common friend with rheumatoid arthritis, and they witnessed the suffering she went through from close quarters, despite the latest generation of medical treatments. Jean-François Robineau, through his work, was convinced that one of the answers to this suffering was linked to the correct choice of treatment, through an in-depth biological analysis, combined with a an innovative mathematical approach.

So, they decided to join forces to offer patients suffering from this condition a customised solution to help with the choice of treatment.

Over a decade, time has done its work, and their ideas have come to fruition; technology has progressed in an extraordinary way; and the number of treatments has grown – they came up with the idea of customised medicine.

The innovative mYXpression solution is therefore part of an overall scheme where everything is intricate, nested, connected, interdependent between the researcher, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical corps as a whole and the patient who is waiting for an appropriate response for their suffering. In many ways, the history of mYXpression, is also yours.

The mYXpression team